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In just a few short weeks, nine Canadian Challenge Finalists will take to the stage to present their innovative technology solutions & battle it out for the prestigious THRIVE Canada Challenge Award. It will also include the announcement of winners of Female Founders Award as well as People’s Choice Award.

The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food will officially open the event and Michael Hoffort, President and CEO of Farm Credit Canada will join for a fireside chat.

The THRIVE CANADA Challenge, in partnership with Farm Credit Canada (FCC), is part of THRIVE’s Global Initiative which aims to enable the needed transformations in Canada’s food value chain as highlighted in the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Meet the Finalists!

Healthy Cow is a biotech for the dairy industry. Their goal is to develop new solutions to enable dairy farmers to rely less on antibiotics and hormones, so that they can produce more natural, wholesome and healthy milk.

Index Biosystems is the world’s first massively scalable, and customizable genetic traceability technology, applicable at any point throughout the food system.

AGvisorPRO matches, connects, archives, rates and transacts knowledge sessions between “seekers” and “advisors” to provide answers now! 

SoilOptix® produces the most detailed high-definition soil mapping sensors that can accurately map over 25 different layers for growers globally. 

ThisFish Tally is software that enables seafood processors to digitize quality control, production and traceability data in real time using tablets and IoT devices.

Lucent Biosciences has developed a patented process to bind micronutrients in their bioavailable form to cellulose fibers. Their technology upcycles low value fiber from food processing residue like pea hulls or rice husk as a carrier for the micronutrients, creating a circular economy from crop to fertilizer. 

Vertité grows without sun or soil so they can grow food literally anywhere. They take advantage of vertical hydroponics to maximize space efficiency, LEDs to maximize yields, and sophisticated automation to reduce labor costs.

Impactful Health Research & Development develop compostable active packaging to prolong the shelf life of fresh fish, increasing return on investment for the entire value chain.

Neupeak aims to bring fully automated strawberry harvesting robots that will solve the problem of chronic labor shortage on farms by using cutting edge advances in artificial intelligence to easily maneuver through a farm, identify ripe and undamaged strawberries, and pluck them from the plant.