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W-Cycle, a FoodTech startup company, on a mission to end plastic

W-Cycle, a FoodTech startup company, has developed SupraPulp™, a plastic-free packaging made of sugarcane waste that is fully compostable, safe and durable. SupraPulp™ isn’t like other compostable food packaging solutions. It’s non-coated, omniphobic and remains completely unaffected by liquids and oils. It’s a great replacement for rigid plastic. You can heat food in SupraPulp™ up to 270˚c and freeze it in as low as -40˚c.

“Dispose SupraPulp packages the same way as you would your salad.”

Lior Itai, CEO and co-founder, W-Cycle
Industrial & seed compostableFDA approved100% NaturalCustom-made
Liquid-proofOil-proofMicrowave safeOven safe
Metals freeFormaldehyde freePesticide freeBisphenol A free
Salient features of SupraPulp™

SupraPulp is an ideal replacement for plastic, aluminium, or foam containers. It is made from 100% renewable sugarcane fibers, called bagasse, the dry, pulpy fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice.

77% of consumers world-wide are looking for brands that are sustainable and environmentally responsible. Of those, 72% are willing to pay a premium for brands that meet these standards.

Other green solutions such as bioplastic made from the whole plant need to be specially grown, harvested, and processed. In contrary SupraPulp is made from the waste upcycled from sugarcane, or similar crops such as wheat, bananas, etc. It is the ultimate green, sustainable, eco-friendly solution to plastic waste.

W-Cycle has already started working with companies around the world and predict better success in regions where government regulation is pushing for change towards sustainable solutions.