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Leaf, an AgTech startup, raised a $2 million seed round

Leaf, a food and agriculture data infrastructure company, has raised a $2 million seed round led by Cultivan Sandbox Ventures and SP Ventures. Existing investor Radicle Growth also joined the investment round. It was founded in 2018 with a mission to lower the barriers to entry in food and agriculture technology by providing developer-friendly API infrastructure for farm data.

“Leaf is solving an emerging pain point that limits the scalability of digital agriculture technology solutions – the time, cost and complexity around the maintenance of data integrations.”

Christian Horn, Investor at Cultivian Sandbox Ventures

Software developers use its API to build and scale a wide range of products. Its’ API allows developers to easily validate grower consent, access high quality agriculture data, and scale their products. Leaf’s infrastructure for farm data includes:

  1. Machine Data: It allows developers to easily access standardised and aggregated machinery data from all major machinery brand’s cloud platforms and operation files for planting, application, and harvest operations.
  2. Field Boundaries: It provides a consistent field entity across all related boundaries so data from any source can be queried by a single field ID. Leaf’s API can also be used to import, export, synchronize, and reconcile field boundaries across farm data platforms.
  3. Imagery: It ensures access to standardised and aggregated imagery from all major satellite, airplane, and drone imagery providers.

With Leaf, developers are building a food system that makes us healthier, increases farmers’ profits, benefits the environment, and is accessible to everyone. It is committed to empowering software developers to solve some of the world’s most valuable health, economic, and environmental challenges.