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NGS Launches Healthy Heights® KidzProtein Nutritional Shakes

Nutritional Growth Solutions, Ltd., (NGS, ASX:NGS) launches Healthy Heights® KidzProtein and KidzProtein Vegan to support children’s development. The new product line includes 10 products: KidzProtein comes in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry; KidzProtein Vegan comes in chocolate and vanilla. 

Initially launching in the US, the new nutritional shakes which include both dairy and plant-based formulas can serve as a nutritious and delicious breakfast or a healthy tasty snack between meals. They contain a proprietary blend of micro- and macronutrients demonstrated to support optimal childhood growth and development, as well as a fruit and veggie blend. They complement an existing product line shown in a clinical study to help children grow in height and weight.

“There is a high demand from parents for a nutritional shake formula for children to support everyday wellness,” remarks Liron Fendell, CEO and Managing Director for Nutritional Growth Solutions. We created our evidence-based Healthy Heights KidzProtein range in both dairy and vegan versions to support the unique nutritional needs of children including those with dairy allergies. Milk allergy is the most common allergy among children, as well as intolerance to lactose.”

KidzProtein and KidzProtein Vegan provide 10g of protein and a full array of vitamins and minerals. The versatile line allows parents to sneak the added nutrients into smoothies and other recipes. “It is formulated to fill common nutritional gaps,” explains Fendell. “You cannot fool kids; the product has to be designed for flavor as well as their needs and preferences. The products contain real fruit and veggie powders for an extra boost of nutrition.” KidzProtein and KidzProtein Vegan are also supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids, which are incredibly important for brain and cognitive health and neurological development. This nutrient is often deficient in children’s diets.

Innova Market Insights reports that the most popular flavors for NPD continue to follow those of the traditional shakes market, namely chocolate, vanilla and strawberry in the first three in 2019-2021.  Plant-based is the fastest growing claim on products positioned for children and is emerging in most categories for children. In general products for children are being reformulated with features that are popular and trending in general products, including immune health, clean, plant-based and vegan.

KidzProtein Vegan is a great addition to a child’s diet to ensure they are getting enough protein, vitamins, and minerals to fuel their bodies and brains. It contains increased levels of iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and folate to address specific nutritional gaps typically found in vegan diets.

“We are excited to finally offer a fully plant-based formula to serve children who cannot consume dairy or who adhere to a vegan diet,” says Kaitlin Cushman, M.S. Director of Product Development and Education at NGS.  It was important for us to include vegan products to ensure even more children have access to our products, and to do so without compromising on quality, effectiveness, or flavor. Our easy-to-drink formulas contain all the same micro and macro nutrients as our non-vegan formulas, and taste great. They are a perfect way for picky eaters or those with dairy intolerances to gain the necessary nutrients to support growth and development.”

KidzProtein Vegan includes pea protein and fava bean protein. In combination, these two proteins contribute all of the essential amino acids, creating a complete protein source. 

“The launch of the Healthy Heights KidzProtein line in the US is a key factor in our growth strategy,” adds Fendell. “We will be expanding the product line into other global markets and into more distribution channels.”

About Nutritional Growth Solutions 

Nutritional Growth Solutions, Ltd. (NGS) is a global nutritional health company focused on the well-being of children. NGS develops, produces, and sells clinically tested nutritional supplement formulae for children based on 20 years of medical research into pediatric nutrition at Schneider Children’s Medical Centre, Israel’s largest pediatric hospital. The nutritional supplements market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, but most attention has been focused on adult users and children under three years of age. The 3–12-year-old demographic represents a larger market opportunity, and NGS is highly differentiated from its competitors to better capture this opportunity with clinically tested products and an expanding portfolio.