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Successful SGF certification for the FruBaTec banana plant in Colombia

FruBaTec SAS Zomac is a joint venture between the largest private banana producer in Colombia, Greenland and CT Finance AG. The joint banana plant has now successfully passed the audits for SGF certification.

FruBaTec is located near Turbo in the port of Uraba and has an annual capacity of 30,000 tons of banana puree and 1000 tons of banana flour. Furthermore, FruBaTec reintroduces the resulting banana peels into the food cycle in the form of up to 3600 tons of fiber concentrate annually.

  • Fruit Processing Factory
  • Fruit Processing Factory

Processing Colombian bananas for the world

FruBaTec is engaged in sustainable fruit processing and has its own production facility for processing fruit into purees, concentrates, essences, juices, flours and fibers. Sustainable fruit processing is ensured by using the latest technologies and state of the art ripening rooms and secure resources for our customers in order to keep transport distances as short as possible.


CT Finance AG is the Swiss holding company for a business group based in Baden, Switzerland.

The CT Finance Group is globally engaged in the agribusiness sector, focusing on producing and processing exotic fruits throughout the whole value creation chain, from farm to table, always striving towards vertical integration and ensuring resources for customers. The group invests in its own farms and facilities to process exotic fruits, managing turn-key projects in the agricultural sector, and processing tropical fruits for investors. The group’s portfolio is finished off with in-house sales branches in Europe and AMEA states as well as a representation partner in the USA, our own logistics branch and product development. 

About Frutco

Frutco AG belongs to the group of companies CT Finance. Frutco® is a global manufacturer and distributor of natural exotic ingredients for the food and beverage industry. It is a world leader in its sector, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Baden, Switzerland.

Frutco®’s strategy aims at backward integration to secure raw material sources for its customers. In doing so, Frutco focuses on a wide range of banana, pineapple, mango, guava, passion fruit and citrus products as core fruits, as well as a wide range of other processed fruits.

The company does everything possible to ensure sustainable access to the best natural raw materials. Together with its partners, they focus on vertical integration, consistent quality standards and on-site processing. This enables them to guarantee our customers the best natural quality and maximum planning security.

Frutco is also a founding member of the AIJN’s Sustainable Juice Covenant and is committed to sourcing 100% sustainable raw materials by 2030. Frutco sees sustainability as an opportunity to combine economic, environmental and social goals to ensure long-term success.

“As a family company, we think in the long term. It’s important to us that we don’t leave future generations to foot our bills.”

Claudia Lauener Hofer, Group COO