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Flavour Manager, an innovative full-web solution intended for regulatory compliance of food and beverage products containing flavourings

In the European Union, flavourings and food and beverages containing them are governed by strict regulations, with legal limits for many of the compounds contained in these flavourings that must not be exceeded. Calculations can be complicated at the level of a single flavouring in a foodstuff, it gets daunting when several flavourings are incorporated into the foodstuff. In addition, the regulations change several times a year and substances that were allowed in the past are no longer allowed today.

It is a crucial issue for many food companies to ensure that they comply with the regulations, in a context of increasing demand for transparency from institutions and consumers.

Too many food companies are still not good enough at these checks and are putting themselves at risk.

> Flavour Manager, a full-web solution for food and beverage manufacturers and flavour houses

Flavour Manager is designed for all companies that want to ensure compliance with these regulations. All regulations are entered into databases, and regulatory calculations are performed by algorithms that consider all data entered by the user. All types of foodstuffs and an infinite number of flavourings, themselves containing an infinite number of constituents, can be taken into account.

The Flavour Manager database contains over 2,700 basic compounds, both regulated and unregulated, and almost 800 restriction lines. For the most complex cases, users can be assured of regulatory compliance in a matter of minutes, whereas a regulatory department may take days to return. In the case of regulatory non-compliance, the tool provides the maximum dosage of the flavouring(s) as well as details of the non- compliance points, allowing for quick actions to compliance.

Flavour houses can go one step further with their own special features from the website to formulate compliant flavourings for their food industry customers directly. It is a formulation console that alerts in real time, while creating the flavouring, of possible regulatory friction points according to the customer’s intended use of the flavouring(s).

> Flavour Manager keeps you up to date with regulations

The Flavour Manager team keeps a regular watch on regulations, which ensures that users have up-to-date values and constraints on the use of flavourings in their products.

Each time flavourings are used in foodstuff, a verification report is provided to the user, summarising the calculated values, the regulatory limits, the different regulations used and the date of their last update.

> Flavour Manager allows you to manage your own flavour library

Flavour Manager is a highly operational tool that allows you to organise your flavourings, ingredients and raw materials in your own library, with the ability to share your information within a more complex organisation with other users.

The library is a modern, intuitive and customisable tool. Flavourings from the library can be used as much as desired in regulatory checks and by flavourists in their formulations.

> Flavour Manager is committed to education

In addition to providing a service to businesses, setting up a tool like Flavour Manager to check that certain regulated products comply with the limits set by law is also a service of general interest for the protection of consumers. With the aim of spreading good practice in this area, all of Flavour Manager’s features are made available free of charge to teachers and students of European flavour and agrifood schools.

> Flavour Manager, a service provided by food flavour experts

Flavour Manager is a project conceived and developed entirely by QR Flavour Solutions, a consulting company specialising in food flavourings, working with all types of food industries and flavour houses. The idea for Flavour Manager came from the field, particularly from the observation that many of QR Flavour Solutions’ clients are confused by the apparent complexity of the regulations.

Flavour manager is available in English and French.

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