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THRIVE Australia Challenge start-up finalists

Eleven Australian startups will present their ideas before an audience of top agricultural leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs on December 17th, 3:00pm PST & one winner will be selected to advance to the final of the THRIVE Global Accelerator.

The THRIVE Australia Challenge solves problems of the Australian agrifood industry, accelerates the development of the ecosystem, and selects the best startups and scale-ups for investment and global recognition.

About the Initiative

These promising start-ups are leading innovators creating new technologies and game changing innovations for global good. Learn more about them below:

AgUnity is a tech startup with the ambition to be the digital services platform for the world’s 2-billion unbanked ‘Last Mile’ communities.

Ceres Tag is one of the world’s most comprehensive animal monitoring platform companies spanning livestock, wildlife and companion animals.

DataFarming aims to reduce crop variability by empowering farmers and agronomists to adopt digital agronomy. We will become the worlds most widely used precision ag software.

Geora is connecting the world’s least digitised industry, with a platform that links farmers with digital economies globally.

Hillridge helps protect farmers against the financial impact of extreme weather on their crops or livestock.

Laconik uses data science to make a recommendation for a farmer on where and how much fertiliser to apply to maximise profit.

Food needs to be produced abundantly, with a lower environmental footprint. How can this be done without it being a tax on farmers? ProAgni is solving this problem.

With a unique combo of sensors and analytics, Rubens is the quality and provenance intelligence system for the fresh food supply chain.

SWAN Systems is a precision water and nutrient management platform that enables irrigators to improve yield whilst conserving resources.

Thinkbio provides growers with solutions to improve the sustainable production of food and fibre without compromising yield.

TranspiratiONal is developing a sprayable, biodegradable polymer membrane to increase water savings in crop production, whilst removing the environmental and financial burden of plastic mulch films.