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Green Amazon fight hunger with innovation

Green Amazon, a sustainable smart agriculture company based in Buffalo, New York, is at the forefront of development of aeroponics technology in their farms. The company uses different patented pending technologies in their projects. Normally when we think about farms on the side of a road, we might imagine acres of land, crops and livestock roaming on expanses of grass. Green Amazon farms will be different.

Unlike hydroponics, aeroponics utilizes a closed loop system to mist the roots of the greens with nutrients, water, and oxygen. The growing cloth medium is made out of BPA-free, post-consumer recycled plastic. The cloth can be fully sanitized after harvest and then reseeded with little risk of contamination. Acting as a barrier between the mist and the plants, the cloth allows for a clean, dry and ready to eat product. The plants are grown under LED lights, engineered for each plant to have specific spectrum, intensity, and frequency, which controls the physical and flavor components of the produce. 

The controlled indoor growing environment which contains the aeroponic system is not impacted by traditional problems which require the spraying of toxic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

We did not set out to improve agriculture as it exists in the world right now. We started over. We drive new ways of thinking with a relentless focus on improving our business. Solutions exist where the problems exist. Our team works in developing all natural products as, animal repellents, plant and soil amendments, and challenging the traditional horizontal agriculture by building growth structures from the ground, up. We derive the solutions from challenging the assumptions of the existing problem.

Dr. Walid Nosir, Founder & CEO, Green Amazon

The company harnesses the technology of tomorrow to grow crops with the flavor and quality of the past. It’s mission, “Grow More and Save More” is made possible by bridging different disciplines for cross-functional collaboration. Its’ success means more green initiatives, fewer agriculture problems, high crop yield, and less hunger the world over.

About Green Amazon

Green Amazon is a family owned company. Prof. NOSIR, CEO and the founder of the company started his research in sustainable agriculture and natural farming over 18 years ago. He traveled to over 30 different counties to explore and find the natural solutions technology in these countries. The company now consist of 14 different research team in different countries, working together to develop a natural and sustainable farming technology and services. Early 2017, it started the first production line with KEEPS AWAY formulas to repel animals and insects from your garden, home, farm, even from your body. Early 2021, it plans to establish its own production facility in Buffalo, NY, which is 16000 square feet of production and warehousing.