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Eat your straws for a kinder planet

Ooble Innovations has developed 100% plant-based straws that are edible, biodegradable and come in different flavors.

With the onset of a single-use plastic ban in 2021, finding functional and sustainable alternatives has become extremely essential. One product that has gained a lot of attention is the plastic straw.

Over 1 billion straws are used every single day, globally. This number is truly shocking and lead to the Founder and innovator of Ooble™ straws, Divya Mohan, to look into why people use straws and if there were more sustainable alternatives in the market. This started as a Student project at Lund University in the beginning of 2017.

The survey showed that people use straws for two main reasons: hygiene and convenience. The main replacements available in the market were;

  1. Paper straws, which end up getting soggy and leave bits of pieces in your mouth apart from being highly resource intensive.
  2. Metal/bamboo straws, which are reusable, however, many consumers find it uncomfortable to reuse a straw as it is quite personal and difficult to clean.

There have been several campaigns against the use of straws or to ban straws completely, however, straws are needed by differently-abled people, kids or for specific beverages like smoothies or iced drinks.

Ooble straws is a sustainable solution that is functional, as well as adds value to a consumer’s consumption experience. The ingredients and process used also ensures that the product will have a competitive market price. The brand clearly communicates through their social media and product packaging that you don’t always need a straw, but when you do – use Ooble straws!

Their edible straws are made using a combination of cereal flours and plant oils. It remains sturdy in liquids for 30-45 minutes, so you can enjoy your beverage and when you are done you can bite into the straw. Divya, when developing the straws has focused on ensuring that they deliver excellent functionality, and taste good when you eat them. The straws work really well with smoothies, shakes, juices and cocktails. The straws have no impact on the taste of the beverage when you sip with them, and consumers will only experience the flavor when they bite into the straw. The product has been tested in food festivals in Malmö, Sweden and Bengaluru, India.

The product was developed using a ‘human-centric design thinking’ process, understanding how, when and why people use straws. This ascertained that the end result is feasible, viable and desirable.

Divya, Founder and innovator of Ooble™, has received grants and won several competitions to finance the start-up so far. Ooble has received pre-study grant support from ALMI, which supports early stage start-ups that are innovative and add social benefit especially in the field of sustainability. This has allowed Divya to automate the production process and they are now looking to scale-up and establish their start-up to meet the in-coming demand from cafés and restaurants. Ooble will also be expanding their product portfolio in 2021. With Covid-19, they have seen a rise in awareness for more eco-friendly alternatives amongst end users who are becoming aware of the climate crisis that is becoming our reality. They are working towards establishing collaboration with brands that are driven by sustainability.

About Ooble Innovations

Ooble Innovations is a Foodtech company developing products that bridge sustainability, innovation and convenience. It is Founded by Divya Mohan, a Food Technologist, with an aim to find alternatives that are functional and adds value. Their flagship product is Ooble straws that are edible and are available in Chocolate and Cinnamon flavors. You can order samples and reach out to them to know more.