FoodTech Fund Raise Plant-based Foods

PeakBridge Growth II Fund finalises its first two investments 

  • Only 4 months after its launch, PeakBridge Growth II S.C.A. SICAV-RAIF (SFDR 9) completes its first closing in partnership with Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity at around half of its target fund size
  • The Fund starts deploying the first c.€100 million secured from investors and makes its first two investments in Netherlands-based Rival Foods and France-based Standing Ovation
  • The team is further expanding and onboarding new talents

PeakBridge, a member of the Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity partnership, is a pioneering global impact fund manager in Agri-FoodTech. PeakBridge focuses on scalable, patented, and sustainable technologies addressing long term environmental and nutrition challenges in agri-food chains. PeakBridge’s Growth II Fund (SFDR 9) made its first investments in Dutch company Rival Foods and French company Standing Ovation after a successful first closing in July 2022.

Rival Foods is a technology spin-off company from the Wageningen University & Research providing solutions to improve the quality of vegetable proteins’ taste and texture. The company has developed new technologies, equipment, processes, and product formulations that create animal protein alternatives with a more appealing quality, nutritional profile, environmental impact, and cost. Protected by patents, Rival Foods products provide a nutritious and sustainable alternative to conventional food products.

This PeakBridge-led investment was joined by France’s Roquette Ventures. Both are strategic investors for Rival Foods given their in-depth subject matter expertise in Agri-FoodTech, and specifically in large-scale development of alternative protein technologies. 

France-based Standing Ovation contributes to the agri-food transition by developing animal- and lactose-free substitutes for cheese and dairy products, using dairy proteins produced by microbial fermentation. Through a simple yet innovative process, the company produces caseins, without resorting to cattle farming which today represents around 15% of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our food diet is standardized, and neither healthy nor sustainable. Much of our food comes from a small number of over-processed ingredients which are harmful for both biodiversity and our health. Solutions and technologies that explore alternatives to animal-based protein without compromising on taste, texture, nutrition and climate impact are becoming increasingly significant,” said Nadav Berger, General Partner and co-founder of PeakBridge.

L to R: Nadav Berger and Erich Sieber

“Fighting inflation by passing on price increases to the end customer is not a sustainable solution. Product innovation, meeting new consumer needs, and resource optimization are long-term solutions that Agri-FoodTech Funds such as PeakBridge and innovative companies such as Rival Foods and Standing Ovation help drive,” added Erich Sieber, General Partner and co-founder of PeakBridge.

Johnny El Hachem, CEO of Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity, also commented: “This fundraising success confirms our conviction that the Agri-FoodTech asset class has significant growth potential and demonstrates investor interest in this theme. As a conviction-driven investment house, we believe that technologies that address the dislocation of global food chains by bringing more resilience and security to shocks such as tariffs, pandemics, and wars are here to stay.”

About PeakBridge

PeakBridge is a pioneering global impact fund manager in the Agri-FoodTech sector. PeakBridge focuses on scalable and sustainable seed and growth companies with protectable technologies addressing long term environmental and nutrition challenges in agri-food chains. PeakBridge invests in and works with entrepreneurs who are the stewards of the food innovation and technology necessary to nourish people in the most sustainable and efficient way. PeakBridge invests in and supports the growth of startups with a focus on impacting key areas of ingredient innovations, alternative protein technologies, digitization, nutrition and health and novel farming systems. PeakBridge is a core member of EIT Food and a partner of Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity. 

PeakBridge Growth II S.C.A. SICAV-RAIF (the “Fund”) is structured as a Luxembourg SCA SICAV-RAIF and is open to professional investors only (as defined by the MIF Directive), making a minimum commitment of €2.5 million. The fund is classified under Article 9 (“dark green”) in accordance with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and is registered as a European venture capital fund (EuVECA) in accordance with EU Regulation No 345/2013.

The fund focuses on Agri-FoodTech Series A and B companies in five key segments: ingredients innovation, alternative protein technologies, digitalization and food systems 4.0, nutrition & health and alternative farming systems across Europe, Israel and the United States.

Investing in the Fund involves risks, the main risks being the risk of capital loss, share risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, risk linked to emerging countries, sector risk and currency risk. Financial assets are subject to market fluctuations and no guarantee can be given as to their future development.

AIFM of the Fund: Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity Luxembourg S.A., 4, rue Robert Stumper, 2557 Luxembourg, Grand Duché du Luxembourg.

The mention of certain investments shall not be considered as an offer, an inducement, or a solicitation to buy or sell the shares of the aforementioned companies.

About Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity 

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