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AskAgri – A Opportunity to Ask The Experts about Agri-Tech and Funding

Do you have agri-tech questions? Need help with research and development? Looking for the right funding and investment opportunities to help develop your technology? Need access to farmers? Help to understand the latest agri-tech tools available? #AskAgri.

This month, Agri-EPI is taking your questions about everything and anything agri-tech to be answered by the experts.

Kasi McReddie – Livestock
Eliot Dixon – Data & Automation
Duncan Ross Forbes – Dairy
Claire Hodge – Crops
Emily Laskin – Satellite Farms
Duncan Ross – Horticulture and Crops
Matilda Hayward – R&D Consultant
Rebecca Lewis – Grant Funding

From questions about funding and on-farm application of agri-tech to investment opportunities and more, Agri-EPI will be hosting a live panel discussion, a Hackathon and sharing Q&A videos designed to answer the agricultural community agri-tech questions!

“Our network of members and satellite farms means we’re connected with some of the most exciting companies, entrepreneurs and innovators in the sector, and September’s #AskAgri is our way of sharing that knowledge with you.”

Agri-EPI Centre

Agri-EPI has an amazing technical team who have backgrounds in on-farm application, industry, funding, technology, academia and more, they are well placed to support agri-tech innovation covering all sectors.

Join Ask The Experts Webinar on 16th September. Submit a question for the experts on LinkedIn or at through out this month.

Listen to Agri-EPI Seedling Sessions

The Seedling Sessions podcasts is an initiative of Agri-EPI to sit down with some of the most exciting agri-tech companies in the industry to chat about the latest insights and developments in the world of agriculture, livestock, aquaculture and more.

The role of robotics on farms

Florian Richter, Founder & CEO of Muddy Machines tackles the topic of robotics on farms, exploring how they can help solve the crisis of labour shortages and bring young talent into the sector. Muddy Machines are currently developing a new generation of field robots that can help growers manage labour-intensive crops by conducting fieldwork, enabling more produce to be grown locally and ensuring that the food we eat is fresher, more sustainable and resilient to future disruption in trade and labour.