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AI will soon end disputes: farmers can now assess grain quality with phones

GoMicro has developed low-cost ($3) phone-based devices and apps that can assess grain quality accurately.

Much of the farm protests in India pivots around disputes on grain quality – which is currently a subjective assessment made by buyers, often at the expense of farmers.

The Indian government is also under pressure from the World Trade Organization (WTO) which favours the removal of subsidies and the market pricing of grains, putting government procurement systems under tremendous pressure. As a result, the Indian government is keen to digitise the procurement of grain. The pan-Indian electronic trading portal National Agriculture Market (eNAM) initiative is now underway to digitise Mandi’s agriculture markets. Pilot tests are underway in Haryana and Punjab using flatbed scanners. However, grain inspectors find them slow, expensive and cumbersome, says Amanpreet Singh CEO of Grain Analyser based in Punjab. He has been working closely with Australian AgTech company GoMicro to bring grain assessment to millions of farmers using a low-cost phone based grain assessor that would eventually cost less than US$3.

Beta tests conducted by Grain Analyser have shown promising results reaching grading standards comparable to significantly more expensive flatbed scanner-based methods. GoMicro’s patent-pending iPhone mounted imaging device and cloud- based AI apps make it possible to put the power of assessment and grading in the hands of farmers. This will not only remove subjectivity but also provides them fair pricing. This can only be done by using devices that millions of farmers have, their mobile phones.

One of the problems in establishing quality standards in the food industry is the significant variation of produce types and buyer requirements. GoMicro is able to solve this challenge by enabling buyers to set their own standards – and convey them to the seller. Sellers can now assess their grain according to the standards set by the buyers- leaving no room for dispute. GoMicro is seeking to remove one of the greatest barriers to the online trade of grains – an inability to accurately validate quality against the specific requirements of buyers.

GoMico has been working with the CGIAR and the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT to develop solutions to help subsistence farmers in Africa assess grain quality. It is through this project that grain quality became an assessment target.

“Initial tests using grain samples obtained from a research organisation in South Australia – convinced us that not only we can assess grain quality – but also grain variety and moisture content to some extent.”

Sivam Krish, CEO, GoMicro

“Working with innovative science-driven companies is important for CGIAR. The experience we are gaining with GoMicro and through connecting with the external innovation ecosystem is key for sourcing and deploying innovations in our research programmes. In an open innovation approach, and with the newly launched Accelerate for Impact Platform we are systematically scouting and exploring collaborations in the agri- and food- tech space to accelerate and deliver impact.”

Gianpiero Menza, Senior Partnerships & Innovative Finance Officer of Alliance/CGIAR

The company recently won the Bayer Grow4Ag competition. The company worked with UPL in Kenya to build and test apps for the early detection of fall armyworm, which is a major global pest.

GoMicro has ongoing relationships with major research institutes and Ag Chem companies that value accurate assessment of not only grain but legumes, vegetables and fruits. It is also in talks with major agricultural eCommerce platforms in India that are keen to add the quality assurance that is currently lacking.

“We work with multiple technologies platforms from across the globe and have found GoMicro to be one of the unique propositions as it offers a minimalistic equipment approach away from what’s already being offered in the Agtech space across the globe. We will be offering this to the Procurement Agencies, Corporates, Service Providers, Blockchain, Agtech and Fintech companies.”

Amanpreet, CEO, Grain Analyser


Sensibility Pty Ltd.(trading as GoMicro): An Adelaide based deep tech AI start-up company located at the New Venture Institute @ Flinders University Tonsley.

Grain Analyser Ltd.: An Agtech company specialising in grain assessment based in Punjab, India.

About the Alliance

The Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) delivers research-based solutions that harness agricultural biodiversity and sustainably transform food systems to improve people’s lives. Alliance solutions address the global crises of malnutrition, climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental degradation.

The Alliance is part of CGIAR, a global research partnership for a food-secure future.

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