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Capra Foods closes capital raise via Harvest Return platform

Texas-based Capra Foods announced that it has successfully raised $1.1 million on the Harvest Returns agriculture crowdfunding platform.

Capra Foods is an industry leader in the lamb proteins market. Capra’s lamb is sold throughout the U.S., primarily through respected targeted retailers of high quality, health-oriented food products, including Whole Foods Market.

Capra’s current facility has reached capacity and will utilize the recently raised capital to increase production capabilities and grow its captive flock to 7,500 Dorper Ewes.

“Capra Foods had one of its best years in our history in 2020,” said Aaron Cook, Capra Foods CEO. “Yet we are still not able to meet the ever-increasing consumer demand as lamb had the highest percentage growth of all proteins from the same time period a year ago, coming in at over 30 percent. We are excited to share our second successful fundraise with our partners at Harvest Returns as we focus on our mission to produce the highest quality lamb from our ranches to your dinner table. Harvest Returns shares the same passion we have for providing investors regenerative agriculture opportunities, and we were thrilled to partner with them again.”

Capra’s regenerative ranching practices have set the bar for what it means to be an industry forerunner in sustainable farming. The company’s efforts have proven to increase biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watersheds, and enhance ecosystem services. Companies like General Mills are investing in large scale efforts in regenerative agriculture practices to help drive and shape the new food economy. Whole Foods Market, a significant Capra Foods customer, said regenerative agriculture was the number one food trend of 2020.

“Capra Foods perfectly aligns with Harvest Returns’ goal to provide a solid investment vehicle while helping America’s farmers produce healthy food in a sustainable manner,” said Chris Rawley, CEO of Harvest Returns. “We couldn’t be more pleased to help their company sell their quality products to a wider base of consumers.”

About Harvest Returns

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Harvest Returns, Inc. is a financial technology marketplace created in 2016 by two military veterans to bring agricultural producers together with investors. Through democratizing the agriculture investment process, the online platform has raised over $14 million for farms, ranches, and other agribusinesses while providing diversified offerings to qualified investors.

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About Capra Foods

Capra Foods is already an industry leader in the lamb proteins market. Capra prides itself in the belief that real food starts with real ranchers. Located in the historic ranching community of Goldthwaite, TX, Capra is operated by long time agriculture professionals with deep roots in the Texas ranching and farming industries. Capra’s lamb is currently sold throughout the U.S., primarily through respected targeted retailers of high quality, health-oriented food products.

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