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Aggla Marketplace: a winner for food processors, resellers/ retailers and industry service providers with a growth mindset

Aggla wholesale marketplace is a seed stage new service that allows food processors from around the world to sell directly to retailers/resellers. 

Over a million food processing and retailing businesses in Africa and several million from around the world are struggling to access and/or maintain profitability within their current distribution framework. Covid-19 has accelerated digital adoption across the entire food & agribusiness ecosystem making it feasible for food processing businesses to try alternative ways of reaching their retail customers and build stronger and profitable brands.  While several tech based platforms are servicing the food processing businesses, Aggla marketplace is designed to become “The” processor-centric marketplace with a strong international eco-system of retailers/resellers and other complementary service providers.

Aggla marketplace in its early stages of network building is on-boarding small and medium scale processors operating in several shelf-stable product categories such as Breakfast cereals, staple products rice, processed cassava oils, sauces, baked goods, cooking ingredients, biscuits, confectioneries etc. Buyers on the Aggla marketplace will be small and medium size physical retailers, B2C e-commerce retailers, micro resellers that have a business model to sell in their community and food service clients.

“The Aggla Marketplace success is driven by one thing and one thing alone — its ability to facilitate profitable growth for small and medium scale food processing and retailing business.” 

Dr. Vijayender Nalla, co-founder and execution lead at

Aggla marketplace has its active team and partners operating out of Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the UK. Currently, the focus of the marketplace is to recruit processors from and outside Kenya that are able to cater to the Kenyan retail needs. Over the next year Aggla is expected to expand into Malawi, Zambia, India and other emerging markets before making its way into Europe and the Americas. 

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Contact:, Dr. Vijayender Nalla.