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Fieldays agri-innovation awards

Fieldays connects agri-innovators with corporate decision makers, media and investors and provides the perfect platform to test kiwi agri-innovations with a highly targeted audience. The Fieldays Innovation Awards is the premier launch pad for backyard inventors and start-up companies through to established manufacturers and distributors to connect with the primary industries. Integral to the Fieldays innovations programme is the highly regarded Innovation Awards, partnered by Amazon Web Services and Vodafone.

Here you can look at the best industry developments and inventions within the New Zealand Primary Sector:

Aleviate (AgriSea NZ Ltd): It’s a Bioactive Formulation that reduces urinary Nitrogen and increases animal performance. The innovation incorporates both marine and terrestrial plants high bioactive contents. This product helps farmers reduce their cows Urinary Nitrogen by 18% while increasing their animal health and performance.

Autonomous chemical-free Varroa mite treatment (Hivesite): It’s a In-Beehive fully autonomous thermal treatment of Varroa for every beekeeper. It treats Varroa mite by automatically applying a short thermal treatment approximately every three weeks, including safely during the honey flow, for continuous Varroa control.

Ewe-nique Recognition (St Paul’s Collegiate School): This innovation is an app that uses facial recognition technology to identify and record vital information about sheep. Unlike many other recording systems it is all on one platform and very compatible with phones.

DeLaval VMS™ V310 (DeLaval): Milking system that measures progesterone used to detect heat, confirms pregnancy, detects Luteal and Follicular cysts and abortions. It removes the need for more invasive pregnancy testing practices.

Farmbase: A free searchable website, combining rules and rural professionals. Farmbase pulls together relevant legislation, national and regional rules, industry guidance, and best practice into one simple location, in plain English. Farmers can search over 200 activities within their region on the free and user-friendly website.

Flash Flow (St Paul’s Collegiate School): Flash Flow is a LED turbine powered water flow detector. It makes the job of identifying leaks and blockages in the water system go from hours even days to seconds, saving quantity water, users time, and most importantly money.

Go Wild Bee Nursery (Go Wild Ltd): Bees on the Chatham Islands have no diseases. The innovation is to increase the number of beehives on the Island through crowdfunding and exporting healthy queen bees and colonies to the mainland.

Lateral (Ecolibrium Biologicals): Biological pesticide for the control of caterpillars in various crops. It’s a safer, effective alternative to conventional pesticides which improves food safety.

MagGrow: MagGrow is a patented, proprietary technology that significantly reduces waste associated with conventional pesticide applications, delivering important plant protection products where they matter the most. Farmers using the system can improve their crop coverage by 20%+ and reduce drift by up to 70%.

MAGNUS In-line Dairy Chiller (Temperzone Ltd): Unique Thermally Stratified chilled water system for milk pre-cooling. The MAGNUS In-line dairy chiller combines the energy efficiency of chillers, with the thermal performance of ice-banks without the capital cost.

Mobile Scanning Electric Vehicle Enhancement (AgResearch): Remote controlled fully electric rover measuring yield and dry matter. It’s a non-destructive, real-time, high-throughput, energy- and time-efficient yield and DMY measurement.

PestNotify: Real time automated monitoring system for insect pests. The trap sends daily pictures of the sticky board and weather conditions data each 2h. The real time data of pest presence is preventing crop losses and excessive application of insecticides.

RiverWatch: Advancing essential decision making through enhanced understanding of water quality. RiverWatch, using the latest in remote sensing technology and IoT networks, is providing an easier, smarter way to gather water data.

SurePhos (Ballance Agri-Nutrients): SurePhos is an effective, sustainable phosphate that reduces phosphate loss by up to 75% compared to superphosphate. Phosphate losses can have a significant negative impact on water quality, and they can also affect production profitability.

Varroa Elimination Unit (Cooling Solutions): The VEU delivers a precise dose of fumigant into a beehive. Existing products rely on evaporation. Changes in the environment change the evaporation rate (or the dose). On hot and dry days the beehive may get an overdose of the fumigant. On cold and humid days the beehive will get too little fumigant to be effective.

Waterwatch Live: Waterwatch provides a fully remote, reliable solution for monitoring farm water networks. It continually monitors your water tanks and troughs and gets the right people to the right place at the right time when issues arise.

MAX-TRX: A Tracked Electric All-terrain Transporter. MAX_TRX has all the power a rider could want, will not get a wheel stuck, can mount logs and earth banks, the rider is less likely to be forced to get off or find a way around, all the while reducing carbon emissions.

TPS – Sewer Rat Bait Station (D2K Ltd): The TPS rat bait station is a unique tool that allows to eradicate rodents in water ways. Due to its design it protects the bait to a floating mechanism and due to its sensor technology and Nb-IoT options; the user knows the bait level, activity and and population rate.

Sparrows: Sparrows have developed small, proprietary tracking devices that attach to each individual load or pallet giving producers, distributors and freight forwarders critical environmental and location data and alerts in real time, so customers have greater visibility and control over their supply chain, and the opportunity to mitigate risks and minimise losses.

Trusti Colostrum Management System (Antahi Innovations Ltd): Trusti Colostrum bags enable high quality first colostrum to be easily placed in the refrigerator until first feeding time for calves. It enable rapid warming of colostrum to body temperature for better antibody absorption. These are easily transported to the calves for feeding, including to the paddock during calving checks, so those susceptible newborn calves are able to receive the critical antibodies crucial for aiding development of their long-term immunity.