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uLikeKorea launches a new block-chain tech-based ‘Hanwoo’ brand

Develops transparent trace system for livestock to show health, management, and processing history

uLikeKorea, led by CEO Kim Hee-jin, announced on Sept. 16 that based on the AI and block-chain based platform technology developed by uLikeKorea, it has entered the Hanwoo B2C market under the brand “Wanbyuk-han (meaning “perfect Korean beef”).”

uLikeKorea used the block-chain technology and successfully developed a traceability system where the consumer has full access to the data on a particular cow’s health management history and its processing history.

Checking the history of the Livecare based “Wanbyuk-han” beef via QR code gets underway. / Courtesy of uLikeKorea

Recently, uLikeKorea opened the very first block-chain technology managed farm in Hwa-sung city named ‘Blockchain Livecare Farm #1.” This farm was opened so that cows can be managed using Livecare system and to develop a robust and accurate trace system for Korean hanwoo cows.

CEO Kim further stated, “We launched the ‘Wanbyuk-han’ brand using cows raised from our Blockchain Livecare Farm #1 and through this, we aim to offer a new standard for hanwoo beef. The standard for “wanbyuk-han” beef is not just based on fat content, but on the health history (never been sick, etc.) and cows that grew up happy and healthy. The “Wanbyuk-han beef is truly a Hanwoo brand that can be trusted by consumers to be safe and healthy”, stated Kim. The relevant patents and trademark have been filed.”

The farm operated by uLikeKorea in Hwasung city (Korea) uses the Livecare capsule system to collect bio-data from the cows and calves to detect diseases such as mastitis, digestive disorder, respiratory disorder, etc. before any symptoms are detected via visual cues so that early detection and early treatment can be conducted. These diseases can interfere with healthy development process and by using the Livecare smart healthcare system, healthier cows can be raised.

In particular, the Livecare AI system allows cows’ health to be managed from birth and identify and manage disease, estrus and calving for each cow. This process allows uLikeKorea to set very strict and high standards in meeting the “Livecare standard” to be selected as highest-grade beef.

The Livecare standard developed by uLikeKorea is based on detailed analysis of bio-data obtained from cows since their birth. These include a) Management Standard (under Livecare management for more than 6 months), b) Health Standard (has not had tuberculosis, brucella, foot-and-mouth disease, etc.), c) Drinking Standard (has drank clean water more than 6 times per day), d) Animal Welfare Standard (overall farm condition, methane gas level in farm, temperature/humidity, ground temperature, water temperature, feed control, etc.) and e) DNA Standard (cows that were born under healthy parents with good genetics).

In addition, the Livecare standard also looks at whether the cow had given birth in the past (female cows that have not given birth in the past will be selected) and whether it maintained optimal core body temperature (38-39.5 C). Cows that have passed all of the above requirements are then processed to become “wanbyuk-han” beef for the consumers where they can check the full history (from the administration of the capsule to meat processing) via Livecare App. In the near future, uLikeKorea also plans to incorporate the Activity Standard (how much the cow has moved during its lifetime) to further refine the standard.

According to the manager of a Blockchain Livecare Farm, “The bio-data of each cow is obtained in a real time basis from orally administered capsules. The system monitors the cows 24 hours a day and operates its AI system based on more than 500 million data points to identify more than 16 critical diseases that can threaten the cow’s health. The detailed and accurate analysis provided by the AI system allows early detection of any potential problems and allows the cows to be raised in a healthier environment.”

CEO Kim stated, “Every day we send over 300 bio data points for each cow to our blockchain servers. The data collected from each cow are accurate as our product collects data from within the cow, not externally like other products which can be tempered with. This allows our trace system to be different as it has a highly accurate historical data.”

Furthermore, Kim stated “Livecare capsule allows the user to see the history of the cow’s health management as it provides farm (from birth) to table data that are transparent and dependable.” Kim explained “this type of business model will allow us to expand into other livestock food products where blockchain technology can provide complete and accurate history of the food product. We plan to expand our B2B business model and continue our ESG management to provide safe and healthy food for the consumers.”

uLikeKorea is making concerted efforts to lead the way in providing AI based livestock health management platform with state-of-the-art sensor technology to provide transparent data and safe food to consumers and plans to grow into a major Food-Tech company.

The PR was first published in KOREA IT TIMES (출처).