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Verdify raised seed funding to create AI-powered platform for personalized nutrition

Verdify, a Dutch foodtech company, has raised €750.000 seed funding to create first AI-powered platform for personalized nutrition. AI-investment company Genzai and two private investors participated in the funding round.

“Food is the biggest market in the world and personalized nutrition is one of the key themes in this market. We are excited to build A.I. models with Verdify that can really enable personalized nutrition for consumers around the globe.”

Roy Lenders, CEO, Genzai

Proceeds will be used to create the world’s first AI-powered platform for fully personalized and guideline-based nutrition, including:

  1. an international and interactive recipe platform for assisting consumers in planning and purchasing food that supports their personal health;
  2. a software interface for companies in the food sector to personalize their recipe content to the individual needs of their customers.

Verdify has the ultimate ambition of minimising the burden of disease attributable to dietary factors and maximising the health benefit of diets, globally. This is pursued by implementing an AI-powered platform for guideline-based recipe personalisation.

People in almost every region of the world could benefit from rebalancing their diets. Whether it’s about prevention, treatment or performance, nutrition can play a crucial role in reaching personal goals. With artificial intelligence we can now make personalised nutrition a real option.

Jochem Bossenbroek, Co-founder and CEO, Verdify

Verdify will enable consumers to set up their nutrition passport with detailed information about personal nutrition and health needs, fully adjustable to food and taste preferences. The recipe platform will be connected to the order & delivery systems of food retailers and meal delivery platforms to present a new level of convenience in planning and ordering personalized healthy meals.

About Verdify

Verdify is a start-up from Wageningen which focuses on making it easier for consumers to live healthy by personalizing food recipes to their individual needs. Verdify was established in 2018 and launched the Verdify 1.0 solution (i.e., an App available in the appstores) at the end of 2019.