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Food & Beverage companies selected to participate in FoodBytes! Pitch 2020

Rabobank unveiled the companies selected to participate in FoodBytes! Pitch 2020, its global food and ag startup discovery program that helps entrepreneurs scale their impact through mentorship and connections to corporate leaders and investors.

15 companies which made their name to the list from consumer food and beverage (CPG) sector are:

Evo Foods: Evo is creating a brand of plant based substitutes to animal products in India using cutting edge food technology. It’s initial product is a plant based egg.

Pleese Foods: Pleese Foods is a plant-based cheese company founded by Kobi & Abev Regev. Not satisfied with the products available on the market, the couple created a delicious alternative to dairy cheese that would stand the scrutiny of the pickiest eaters of them all… New Yorkers and children.

COCINA 54: If you are looking for a convenient, delicious and better for you snack, we have you covered. With 4 incredible flavors, our empanadas are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Agricycle Global: Agricycle upcycles food that would normally go to waste, enhances value chains and diversifies income for rural farmers and works all over the world to help empower rural communities.

I Am Grounded: I Am Grounded is a better-for-you snack company that combines the benefits of upcycled coffee fruit, plant micro-nutrients and natural energy to support a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Outcast Foods: Outcast is on a mission to solve our food waste problem by rescuing misfit produce from ending up in a landfill. By disrupting the food waste pipeline and reforming it into a new, upcycled plant-based supply chain, we’re one step closer to ending food insecurity and doing it with all the sustainable gusto we can muster!

Agua Bonita: The first ready to drink 100% real fruit aguas frescas.

Riff Cold Brewed: A sparkling plant-powered, natural energy drink. Brewed from the little-known fruity pulp of the coffee plant that tastes nothing like coffee. It is naturally caffeinated, has pure ingredients, tastes delicious and provides all-day energy without the jitters or crash.

Wheyward Spirit: At Wheyward Spirit we produce a more sippable and sustainable farm-to-flask spirit by re-purposing excess whey. Designed and handcrafted to be a great base for cocktails and delicious enough to be sipped straight, Venture Wheyward to elevate your favorite vodka, gin or rum based cocktail with our velvety smooth spirit.

Willa’s: We use the entire whole oat to give you all the protein, fiber and minerals. Our unique milling approach allows us to retain all of the grain’s nutrition without sacrificing taste and texture.

Wize Coffee Leaf: Featuring rare antioxidants, light caffeine, and a smooth thirst-quenching taste, Wize Coffee Leaf Iced Tea is the perfect way to refresh your body and mind. With Coffee Leaf Tea, the coffee leaves do most of the heavy lifting for that nice lightly sweet taste that everyone wants in a healthy refreshing beverage.

H2OPS: America’s first craft brewed sparkling hop water. Brewed with real hops, it’s unsweetened and naturally free of alcohol, carbs and calories.

Moment: We created Moment so that you can get some of that feeling, without all of that work. We researched hundreds of different ingredients from all around the world. Many of them, inspired by our global heritage, all backed by science, and super healthy. And then we squeezed it all into a can that embodies this feeling.

Wildwonder: Sparkling healing drinks crafted with superherbs to give you gut-healing and immune-boosting super powers.

Planeteer: Edible spoons made of wheat, oat, corn, chickpea, and brown rice. Depending on the flavor a few others are added (Cocoa, salt, pepper).

We will come up with the list of AgTech and FoodTech companies who made it to FoodBytes! Pitch 2020 in our upcoming post.