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9 European startups reshaping the Food Industry

StartLife, a Dutch AgTech and FoodTech accelerator, has selected nine European startups for the Fall 2020 cohort. StartLife Accelerate is the #1 program in The Netherlands supporting Food & Agtech startups to validate customer segments, raise funding and access leading corporates and investors in the industry. The best trainers, entrepreneurs, and Wageningen University & Research experts offer the resources to scale up the startups.

Since 2011, StartLife has built, supported and funded 300+ startups, propelling breakthrough technologies in the domains of food & agriculture and creating lasting impact. They do this by:

  • Hosting a thriving community of startups, investors, corporates and experts.
  • Developing the entrepreneurial competences and the startup teams.
  • Offering intensive mentoring trajectories within our StartLife Accelerate program.
  • Providing pre-seed capital to promising startups.
  • Providing access to follow-on capital.

With technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, encapsulation, RFID and spectrometers, the new batch of startups is keen to modernise and reshape the food industry. The following companies make up for the fifth cohort:

  1. Blakbear, UK: It’s a team of physicists, chemists and engineers, which innovate at the interfaces. Blakbear box measures freshness and reminds the users before food goes bad.
  2. Healthycrop, Denmark: It provide solutions that enable fungicide free agriculture.
  3. Iamus, Ireland: It’s revolutionising the poultry industry with robotics and AI.
  4. KomraVision, Estonia: KOMRA brings the functionality of lab spectrometers into a small handheld device powered by AI. It’s the world’s first affordable hybrid spectrometer that can be used to analyze food and materials and display results instantly on the smartphone.
  5. Mylium, Netherlands: Mylium developed a clean production method for quality fabrics that are vegan and have a luxury appeal. The fabrics are produced using mycelium, the thread-like root structure of mushrooms. From this mycelium, they create a natural fabric with a soft silky touch, for ethical manufacturers and brands in various industries.
  6. Plantik, France: Plantik is engineering the plants of tomorrow, unthinkably faster. It’s believed to be the future of plant breeding.
  7. Sphera Encapsulation, Italy: Sphera is the first Italian Biotech company dedicated exclusively to research and development in the field of sustainable encapsulation.
  8. TuttiFoodi, Netherlands: It’s patented FiberedFresh® technology gives the freshest taste and is 100% natural food. You can use The Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix to make your own healthy smoothie or stir it through your breakfast cereal.
  9. Vertigo, Netherlands: Vertigo Technologies provide innovative solutions for the μwave and mm-wave test and measurement markets, by developing hardware and software tools to enhance accuracy in the fields of high mismatched (Γ) microwave measurements, planar calibrations and mm-wave large signal characterization

On December 9, the start-ups will finalize the acceleration program with a presentation to an international audience of investors, corporates and other stakeholders from the agri-food industry.

In April 2021, StartLife will kick off the 6th edition of the StartLife Accelerate program. The program is open to promising Food- & AgTech startup from all over the world. Make sure to apply before February 3rd, 2021!