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Ag-tech Israel Virtual Exhibition

Ag-tech Israel Virtual Exhibition (sponsored by AWS and Naschitz Brandes Amir) will showcase Israel’s leading agriculture technologies and startups via an exclusive, immersive and engaging experience. This unique expo, being presented for the first time on a virtual art gallery platform, will open on September 7th, run for one full week and be accessible 24/7. It will include professional panels, lectures and networking opportunities.

Unlike most virtual events available today (1-3-day content driven conferences, seminars and summits), this exhibition offers a different model. It is about putting Israeli startups in the center, exposing them to global members of the food and agriculture ecosystems and creating real business opportunities during these hectic times of travel limitations and financial instability.

Exhibiting startups represent a variety of sectors, including Crop Protection, Smart Farming, Seeds, Irrigation, Robotics, Livestock, AgroBiotechnology and more. Among these startups are CropX, GreenEye, BeeWise, Saturas, Viridix, Groundwork BioAg, Arugga, miRobot, Tal-Ya, BeeHero, SeedWiz, Plant DiTech, Clarifruit, SkyX, Automato Robotics, and NRGene.

Media Partners include Trendlines, IVC, Growing.IL, AHK, TE Food, CICC, SAGENT Management, ESOP, Arizona Israel Technology Alliance, EDI, Mindset Ventures, ZORA VC and PWC.

Why Israeli Agri-tech?

Israel is uniquely positioned to utilize sophisticated technological solutions to address the challenges that the world farming community faces at all stages of the food supply chain. The strength of Israel’s Agritech sector results from a variety of reasons, including the lessons learned from the local shortage of natural resources, which fostered innovative methods and technologies for “growing more with less”.

The range of Israel’s Agritech innovation capabilities is broad and varied, including in-soil and in-tree sensors, cutting-edge swarming robot drones, plant genetics platforms, cultured meat, alternative proteins, smart irrigation, and big data analytics software. Currently, over 440 active companies are operating in the Israeli ag-tech landscape.

About Organizers:

The expo is organized by Eran Harish and Ian Kaplan, two business development specialists with vast and diversified global experience. Our vision is to create a virtual platform that will service various Israeli tech sectors and provide them with access to international sales, partnerships and investment opportunities. Next planned events include diagnostics, bio-convergence, food and more.