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Nordetect, a biochemical analytics startup won Priva’s “Horti Heroes” challenge

Denmark-based AgTech startup Nordetect won €10,000 Priva’s Horti Heroes challenge, which showcased companies innovating in the horticulture space. This competition was designed to discover pioneering technologies in the horticulture space and providing the winner with the potential opportunity to form a strategic partnership with Priva.

Nordetect have developed a novel sensing method based on chemical-based target molecule quantification in record time. The versatile nature of the product suite allows to help not only the agricultural and environmental industry but also companies in other domains in need of rapid nano-sensing.

“There was some stiff competition, but Nordetect’s technology is a real game-changer. Greenhouse growing is all about precision, and having accurate metrics at your fingertips when they are needed is crucial for success. Nordetect achieves in minutes what greenhouses today wait weeks for by relying on lab testing. In the end, the decision was obvious, and we couldn’t be happier to be working with Nordetect.”

Alastair Monk, Priva’s VP Digital Services – Horticulture

With Nordetect, farm managers and agricultural service providers can remove risk and use valid data that is easy to understand and implement to ensure impressive harvests. With near-real-time analysis, ease-of-use, and a cost-reduction of around 70%, the barriers for continuous use of nutrient data in farm management are gone.

About Priva

Priva develop and produce innovative solutions for sustainable climate control and process management in horticulture, the built environment and indoor growing facilities. Priva’s Horticulture Innovation Lab was founded as an internal startup to explore and develop cutting-edge solutions in horticulture with a focus on AI and machine learning, part of its mandate is to engage industry trailblazers to form collaborative relationships through its “Friends of Phil” program and is in part the genesis of our participation in the Horti Heroes Challenge.