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BASF Venture Capital is investing in SmartAHC

BASF Venture Capital is investing in SmartAHC, a leading e-traceability digital solution provider for pig farmers. Their technology optimises productivity yield of pigs through predictive analytics, and caters to a rapidly growing market. Based on low-power wide-area intelligent sensing technology, Smart Animal Husbandry Care Pte Ltd. independently developed the first micro-sensor that is suitable for live pig to wear. With this investment, the company wants to increase their R&D capacities and further expand the market presence.

Unstable production efficiency and uncontrollable disease risk, has always been the breeding industry’s two major pain points. Smart Animal Husbandry Care Pte Ltd. effectively solve the two pain points by innovative intelligent hardware with information management and data analysis.

The sensor can continuously acquire and analyze the physiological data of sows, and then start the artificial intelligence algorithm to accurately predict the sow’s ovulation period. As a result, it get the data of the best time to conceive, and it helps guide the breeding operations, thus improving the sow litter of the PSY index. By detecting abnormal physiological data, the sensor can also achieve early warning of disease and early isolation of pigs, reducing the risk of disease outbreaks.

SmartAHC is determined to safeguard the interest of every pig, every pig farmer and every piece of pork that comes into our mouth using our cutting edge technology.

Smart Animal Husbandry Care Pte Ltd., founded in 2014, is one of the best companies incubated at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. It has attracted a batch of leading investors, including Smart World Group Incubator, National Research Foundation of Singapore, Greenmeadows accelerator, Singapore Spring, private investor Mr. Koh Boon Hwee, Hong Tai(Chengdu) Foundation, Hong Pu Foundation, Wise info and Continental Grain Company Venture. SmartAHC stands for:

  1. 24/7 monitor of each livestock
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Manage farm based on data
  4. Reduce manpower

China produces around 700 million pigs every year and each person eats half a pig annually on average. However, the information of the pigs from birth to death is literally vacuum. As a result, SmartAHC has established a whole set of individual pig data acquisition system by using sensor, Internet-of-Thing (IoT) and computer vision technology.

SmartAHC system captures the core body temperature, identity profile, step count, eating behavior, body shape, weight and other data of the pig 24/7. All these data, when consolidated, will form the big data platform of the pigs and fill the information gap required to spur the growth of the industry. The tracking data provided by SmartAHC can be used to cover multiple segments including epidemic inspection, quarantine, slaughtering and cremation of dead pig. This will enable the consumer to retrieve relevant information about a piece of pork from the big data platform.