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Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge open for entries

The Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge is an Australian, New Zealand and Israel challenge aiming to identify researchers and entrepreneurs who have solutions that can change the status quo of water within the agrisystem. Prizes will be offered across multiple challenge streams for the solutions that will massively turn the dial on how we can be smarter with our water. Applications will close at 23:59 AEST on 7 August 2020.

Water is our most precious natural resource, however, water scarcity and quality is being exacerbated by changes to our climate. Irrigated agriculture represents 20% of global cultivated land, accounting for 40% of worldwide food production utilising 70% of the world’s freshwater. However we need more focus on practical solutions to the problems facing our use of water in the agrisystem.

The water challenge has over A$250,000 in cash prizes on offer for Australian and New Zealand researchers, startups and students. In addition to cash prizes, there is the opportunity for the winners of the research prizes to receive an investment into the commercial outcome of their solution. There is also a prize for an Israeli startup to test and trial their technology in the Australian market and a Trans-Tasman research prize to highlight research collaboration between Australia and New Zealand.

The challenge is focused on water solutions across the entire agrifood supply chain, ‘agrisystem’. Whilst much of the water used in the agrisystem is at the producer level, there are other areas such as food manufacturing, waste water recycling in regional locations or opportunities for other sectors such as mining to apply some of their water efficiency technology to the parts of the agrisystem.

The Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge is looking for RESEARCH and STARTUP solutions to the following challenge questions:

  1. How can the agrisystem use less water and increase productivity and profitability?
  2. How can we ensure the quality of water optimises the outcomes for the agrisystem and the environment?
  3. How can we turn arid agricultural areas into vibrant, sustainable and productive regions?
  4. How can different sectors outside the agrisystem align to optimise water usage?

The winner of the Australian and New Zealand Start Up prizes will receive a cash prize plus the opportunity to have Bridge Hub work with you to find an appropriate location to showcase your technology. The Israeli start up winner will receive a fully paid trip to Australia (up to the value of A$5,000) and work with Bridge Hub to establish a trial of their technology.

About Bridge Hub:

Bridge Hub is a regionally based, globally connected, whole of life cycle innovation hub for the Australian and global Agrifood Tech Industry. We are building a collaborative innovation ecosystem with global linkages and access to testing facilities to create pathways to bring great ideas and research to market.