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CoLaboratory, a co-working space for Food and Beverage Industry

CoLaboratory Chicago, a co-working space created exclusively for those who work in the Food and Beverage Industry announces its opening in the West Loop, the center of the city’s dining scene. The work space designed exclusively for Food and Beverage companies is the perfect space to engage clients. It provides an innovative ecosystem with an abundance of finely appointed features making every day a working pleasure. CoLaboratory’s modern and tranquil environment provides all the amenities to foster genuine human connections:

  • A commercial kitchen and two commercial bar areas with twelve bookable working stations stocked with essential kitchenware and tools for product development and testing
  • Rentable storage space designed to store equipment and perishable products
  • Expansive, communal working spaces bookable to membership and outside food and beverage organizations for intimate meetings and large-scale events
  • Bright, naturally lit, spacious walkways and seating areas comfortable to roam between or work from

“We wanted to create a space where our members can enjoy their works environment as much or even more so than their own home.”

Stuart McCarroll, CoLaboratory Founder and CEO

CoLaboratory allows you to focus on growing your business – while taking care of everything else by themselves! As a member, you’ll have access to a commercial kitchen, bars & cafe spaces. Along with your office space, you’ll also have access to multiple conference rooms & shared open space. The entire building is secure. Through bluetooth technology & your phone, the space you have access to unlocks by simply walking near the door. A member portal shows what shareable spaces are open & allows for immediate booking/scheduling with out the hassle.

CoLaboratory membership admissions are ongoing. Membership at CoLaboratory ranges from a single desk membership to a large office membership seating up to 30 people.