AgTech Events Precision Agriculture Webinar

Webinar series: Industrial challenges in AgTech & new startup technologies

RootCamp is organizing a series of 4 webinars about relevant topics that are shaping the innovation scene in the agtech industry: robotics, digitalization, circular economy and soil health. Join the panel discussion and get to know from experts, corporate partners and startups the latest status and newest trends on these topics. The webinars are organized in collaboration with DLG e.V. – German Agricultural Society.

🖥️ 18.01.22 / 4-5PM CET

Agricultural robots: How robotics is changing agriculture?

  • Stefan Meldau, Business Development Manager at KWS Group
  • Martha Wenzel, Co-founder at E-Terry
  • Nils Helset,  Co-Founder and CEO of DigiFarm & 15th Generation Farmer
  • Florian Richter,  Founder & CEO at Muddy Machines

🖥️ 19.01.22 / 4-5PM CET

Digital future: Decision making systems for agriculture

  • Prof Peter Breunig, Professor for Innovation and Technology Transformation in Food and Agriculture at Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
  • Sanja Brdar, Co-founder at Cropt
  • Dmitry Dementiev, Co-founder at GeoPard Agriculture
  • Christian Hennig, serial entrepreneur and tech expert

🖥️ 01.02.22 / 4-5PM CET

Circular economy: Applications in the agri-food sector

  • Sven Goenster-Jordan, Agronomist at K+S
  • Tomasz Ciamulski, Founder and CEO of FibriTech
  • Prateek Mahalwar,  Co-founder and CEO of Bioweg
  • Anne Lamp,  CEO and co-founder of traceless

🖥️ 02.02.22 / 4-5PM CET 

Soil microbiome: What’s behind the buzz?


The RootCamp is an accelerator for technology-oriented startups from the agrifood tech and bioeconomy sector. The accelerator was founded in Hannover, Germany, by the SpinLab Accelerator and the fertilizer and salt producer, K+S.