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Radicle Growth and UPL team offer investments up to $1.25M to support start-ups solving the world’s Ag and Food Tech problems

Forget the traditional view of farming as an industry wedded to production measures of the past. Today, the world is stepping into the era of modern farming with the advent of cutting-edge technologies and inventive strategies. From reducing emissions to increasing productivity and altering diets, there are many changes on the horizon for the agricultural industry. And when these changes happen, it will be the emerging technologies that will play a key role in the next agricultural revolution.

There are already combinations of AI, ML, and automation with traditional biogenetics giving rise to new farming methods that can increase crop yield. We can expect to see a similar pattern going forward in terms of producing food with fewer fertilizers, the capturing of carbon out of the air, and many more. The amalgamation of technology and farming can also help the industry meet the demand for greater food safety, skilled labor and reduced costs.

If you are a start-up in the Ag or Food Tech sector, then you need to think about entering the Radicle Carbon and Soil Challenge by UPL.

The Carbon and Soil Challenge by UPL is designed to provide a path to investment for the right talent. UPL, a global provider of sustainable agriculture products & solutions, is offering world-class scientific mentoring teams. Radicle Growth, perfectly placed as a company-building platform, will provide the support needed for entrepreneurs to flourish commercially. Together, as partners in The Challenge, they are offering an investment of $1M to the best idea regarding the sequestration and abatement of Carbon and soil health, with $250K for the second-best proposal.

The Radicle Carbon and Soil Challenge by UPL is open to applications until mid-October. The application process is a simple one and a shortlist will be announced by the end of 2021. 4-6 finalists will be chosen and will have the opportunity to present their solutions, ideas and plans for development to a panel of expert judges during a “Pitch Day” event in San Francisco next March, (2022).