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Saffron Tech Challenges Iranian 1,000-Year Monopoly on the Lucrative $1B Saffron Market

Saffron Tech, an Israeli wholly owned subsidiary of Seedo Corp., announced its technology for automated, year-round saffron growing, is challenging the global Iranian monopoly on saffron supply of 90-95% of world demand, which has been in place for the past 1,000 years!

The reason Iran was the dominant player in supplying 90-95% of world demand for Saffron lies in the fact it has natural conditions fit for the growing and production of saffron in traditional, labor intensive methods. 

Saffron Tech, from Seedo Corp., is developing a technology that hopes to provide turnkey automated growing solutions for high-quality, high-yield saffron all year round. The company is in advanced stages of developing and testing its automated vertical farm for saffron growing, based on the company’s knowledge in plant biology and providing optimal conditions for each stage of the plant’s development to reach optimal product quality. 

“Saffron is used in many industries, such as the food industry, particularly by famous chefs and Michelin starred restaurants, the natural cosmetics industry and the natural medicine industry and as a dye in the textile industry. It is considered the ‘Red Gold’, worth its weight in gold. We are about to revolutionize the way saffron is grown, growing it all year round and anywhere with our indoors growing technology.”

Mr. David Friedenberg, CEO, Saffron Tech

Saffron Tech solutions are a perfect fit for “Grow Next to Consumer” and is sustainable and fit for COVID-19 restrictions on transport. It is environmentally friendly, using economic levels of water, space, fertilizer, and energy. We believe that our controlled indoor growing technology could produce ten times more yield compared to the same land area using traditional methods. The sealed environment eliminates the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides, producing a clean and safe product. The solution is easily scalable and pre-designed to quickly grow operations.

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Seedo Corp., an agritech company, is focusing on its research, development, and commercialization of agriculture technology products in the fields of saffron, exotic plants and mushrooms. Seedo’s know-how and technology are aimed at transforming the way agriculture is done by offering a responsible and sustainable way to grow crops in a world confronted by environmental challenges of dwindling earth reserves, diminishing water resources and unstable weather conditions. Contact: