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Increasing Livestock Health and Production with Nanobubble Systems from Fairway Green Cannabis

Fairway Green Cannabis, a privately held Biotech Company developing solutions for medical grade cannabis and cannabinoids has announced they have released a line of nanobubble technology systems for the Livestock Ag-Tech industry.

“Building on our recent success of technology systems for plant-based farming, we are pleased to launch our nanobubble technology products for livestock farming,” explained Michael Inskip, the Chief Executive Officer of Fairway Green Cannabis. “Increasing the oxygen in drinking water has a very positive effect on an animal’s health and can improve feeding efficiencies resulting in faster growth rates,” explained Mr. Inskip. “Our team feels that this is an exciting market to enter as it matches our vision of using innovation to provide sustainable solutions for the Ag-Tech industry.”

“This is another great example of using our approach to focus on the application and control of our nanobubble systems,” explained John Fielding, Director of Nanobubble Technologies at Fairway Green Cannabis. “Whether it be for cattle, goats, poultry or swine, injecting oxygen nanobubbles into their drinking water will promote all around healthier animals and lower mortality rates while increasing weight and production,” outlined Mr. Fielding. “The use of our nanobubble systems can reduce the need for antibiotics in livestock which has a correlation in reducing the amount of methane produced, “ added Mr. Fielding. “We are excited to bring the technology into the livestock industry as we see it benefitting the individual farmer and the industry by helping reduce methane gas emissions.”

The Fairway Green Cannabis nanobubble technology platform is a customized full system approach that integrates state-of-the-art nanobubble generation technologies and sensor networks to provide client customized solutions. Nanobubbles are very small, less than 200 nanometer gas bubbles that are injected into water, somewhat like carbonated water. The difference is that the bubbles are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye and unlike normal bubbles the nanobubbles do not recombine and float to the surface and pop. Due to their extremely small size, they have a very large surface area to water ratio that vastly increases the gas dissolution rates enabling you to super saturate the water and increase the dissolved oxygen content up to 8 times that of regular water. The Fairway Green Cannabis nanobubble systems optimization and control of the dissolved oxygen is what enables the increased value.

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