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Innovative AgTech Bridge between Israel and China

Israel-China AgTech Webinar is a brand new “Innovative AgTech Bridge” of Israeli and Chinese AgriTech entrepreneurs, scientists, institutions, investors, and universities in one united place. During this webinar, opportunities and needs in precision ag, digital farming, drones, crop protection, bio solution, and additional agri-tech disciplines will be discussed.

It’s a unique opportunity for Israeli agri-tech startups to tap into China’s agriculture industry and learn about exciting companies and projects seeking Israeli innovation.

Mr. Eran Harish, Business Development and Innovation specialist in Israel

China’s agritech leaders from reputable bodies such as Syngenta Group China, China Agricultural University, Shandong Dacheng Biochemical and HanTan Tech will present their activities, challenges and insights on Chinese agribusiness. Among the projects that will be presented during the session are:

  • The Beijing Apple Orchard Project: It is the leading precision ag project with aim to national expansion in China agriculture business lead by Chief Scientist of National Pesticide Formulation & Adjuvant Laboratory, Prof. Xuemin Wu.
  • Henan Hebi Agriculture Project & Precision Ag by Drone: It is the local agriculture project supported by local Hebi Goverment. On the back of filed crops, the commercial project will be a typical model modulized by digital farming and agronomy.

Please register to join this insightful event and to learn about interesting business opportunities in China.

Israel TimeBeijing TimeTopicSpeakers
10:00- 10:1016:00- 16:10Basic Introduction of AgTech Matrix AllianceWelcome & opening by David Li, SPM Bio & Mr. Eran Harish, Co-Organizer of AgTech Israel Virtual Exhibition
10:15- 10:3016:15 – 16:30Precision Ag project on Apple OrchardProf. Xuemin Wu, National Pesticide Formulation & Adjuvant Laboratory, China Agricultural University
10:35- 10:5016:35- 16:50MAP Precision Agriculture IntroductionMr. Daniel Cheung, Innovative Business Manager, MAP & Digital Ag, Syngenta Group China/ Modern Agriculture Platform
10:55- 11:1016:55- 17:10China Agricultural Biosolution IntroductionMs. Yitao Guo, Shandong Dacheng Biochemical Co. Ltd.
11:15- 11:3017:15- 17:30Henan Hebi Agriculture Project & Precision Ag by DroneMr. Yangyang Li, GM of HanTan Science Co. Ltd.
11:35- 11:4517:35- 17:45Q&A by Attendees
Agenda for the online event

About the organizers: 

AgTech Matrix Alliance is a consortium of business, academia, institution, investment and manufacturing. They are aiming to be the influential alliance of China agribusiness as an “AgTech Innovative Bridge” for global AgTech entrepreneurs and stakeholders in one united loop.

Co-Organizer: Mr. Eran Harish, Business Development and Innovation specialist in Israel is the exclusive representative and board advisory of AgTech Matrix Alliance in Israel.