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BlockApps launched a blockchain-based agri crop tracking network

BlockApps launched, TraceHarvest, an Ethereum-based Agritech network in collaboration with Bayer Crop Science, the leading technology innovator in the agriculture industry. TraceHarvest is the first blockchain solution of its kind to track and trace the full lifecycle of agricultural products starting from seeds, all the way to defining the responsibilities of each party involved in the supply chain.

Current analog processes create significant costs in labor and resources and fail to deliver the data that farmers and other value chain participants need. Such inefficiencies also put businesses at risk of compliance violations across the supply chain and in multiple geographies.

“Blockchain technology is already revolutionizing the agriculture industry, and we’re leading the way thanks to our partnership with Bayer Crop Science which has turned this concept from idea into reality. Together, we’re developing world-class innovation with farmers, setting new standards in sustainability, and driving digital transformation that will shape the future of the industry.”

Kieren James-Lubin, President and CEO at BlockApps

TraceHarvest platform brings supply chain efficiencies, transparency, compliance and stewardship to agricultural products and sets new standards in sustainability, driving digital transformation, and food system resiliency that will shape the future of the agriculture industry.

Farmers, manufacturers, distributors, and processors can selectively share and review data within a single, secure platform, making activities available to the entire chain. This streamlined engagement and real-time information exchange allows all parties to identify and address product tracking and integrity issues faster and more securely than previous manual processes allowed.

“By enabling the traceability of products throughout the food supply chain, TraceHarvest will provide a basis for new solutions and services around the food quality and transparency questions that are top-of-mind for farmers and consumers.”

Sascha Israel, Bayer Crop Science CIO and Head of Digital Transformation

For products like seeds, TraceHarvest provides a full picture of stewardship as they are sold, exchanged, planted, harvested, and processed. This solution has been tested over the course of several growing seasons to track the lifecycle and status of Bayer’s highest-value agricultural products, including soybeans and corn, from sale and planting through harvest.