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New collaboration between Fruit Group and Koa Switzerland

Fruit Group and Koa Switzerland proudly announce their partnership. It is a perfect match!

Koa is the very first company to extract the cocoa pulp and its fruit juice in close cooperation with small-scale farmers in West Africa. Koa, a Swiss-Ghanaian start-up, is building a business that empowers rural communities in West Africa to create significant added value to the global food system. The pulp extraction reduces food waste by 40% while its processing by Koa provides smallholders with an additional income of 30%.

Cocoa pulp is a global novelty. Its potential has been untapped by the food sector for centuries despite wide usage of the cocoa beans in chocolate production. With this partnership, we are adding a whole new resource to our portfolio and largely taking over the distribution of the Koa Pure in the Food and Beverage industry. Thus, further contributing to respectful treatment of nature and people along the value chain. Together with Koa, we continue to spread the passion about valuable, plant-based products!

About Fruit Group

Fruit Group is a group company of Switzerland-based Frutco AG. Frutco AG is a supplier and global seller of processed tropical fruits with a clear focus on banana, pineapple, passionfruit, mango, lime, lemon, guava and papaya.