AgTech Press Release

What’s it like to start your own agri tech business during a global pandemic?

It is certainly a challenging time to start a new business, but is there ever a right time to start a new venture? Given the urgent need for change in the global food market, there has never been such a demand for locally grown, fresh, organic food.

Meet Lauren Davis and Jessica O’Leary. Recent graduates in food business and biochemistry, with Masters degrees in business, they have always had a passion for technology. More recently, they have endeavoured to start a pioneering business in the modern food industry. They have closely followed the industry for many years, reading publications such as AgReads®. They believe the time is right to bring their hydroponics business Hydrofood into the world.

We are currently in the midst of a pandemic which will leave a lasting mark on how we live our lives as a human species. Recent food runs and shortages have reminded the consumer and business man alike of how interdependent our global supply chains are. Here in Ireland, our horticulture season runs from approximately April to September, on a good year. We want to change that. Hydroponic technology has been tried, tested and proven, and is beginning to take off, particularly in places like Singapore and Saudi Arabia that are almost exclusively dependent on food imports for fresh produce. Hydrofood intends to bring hydroponics to the mainstream in Ireland. We intend to reduce Ireland’s plant food imports, thus our carbon footprint, and grow sustainable food that is organic by definition. In turn, this will sustain our local economy and feed our growing population for years to come.

This article is contributed by Jessica O’Leary, co-founder, Hydrofood