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AI certification de-risks AgTrade  

AgriTrade auction platform builder ConnectOne will be using GoMicro’s phone-based AI assessment technology to create quality certificates for online cardamon trade.

Human quality assessment is subjective. Quality standards differ from assessor to assessor, company to company, and country to country. GoMicro will soon eliminate this subjectivity through accurate AI-based assessment.

“We are impressed with GoMicro’s AI assessment technology. We can now assess the quality of cardamom accurately. The quality certificates created by GoMicro’s AI app will soon be included in our auction portal, giving confidence to both buyers and sellers,” says Vijeesh Sathyanandan, CEO of the ConnectOne platform, which connects buyers and sellers through an online auction site. He believes that “GoMicro’s AI certification will enable farm communities to QC cardamon reliability, enabling them to reach global markets with stringent quality requirements.”

The lack of accuracy and reliability has hampered ongoing attempts to do QC with phones – a problem that GoMicro’s patent-pending technology has solved. GoMicro’s devices and apps now make it possible to assess any produce at an expert level with mobile phones. GoMicro has filed patents for this technology in many countries, including India.

“GoMicro can now assess anything that can be assessed by eye,” says Dr. Sivam Krish, CEO of GoMicro. The company’s technology is now being used to QC wheat, lentils, soy and corn.

The collaboration between GoMicro and ConnectOne began during the Rocket Seeder incubation program set up to address the food loss and food waste problems headed by Emma Coath.

GoMicro’s technology requires only 20 – 50 images to build AI applications instead of the thousands of images needed for conventional AI training, delivering high detection accuracy. 

ConnectOne has developed and deployed an auction platform in India to sell cardamom and mangoes. 

The combination of GoMicro’s AI certification and ConnectOne’s auction platform will make it possible for cardamom traders to enter quality-assured online trade in a way that was not possible before.


GoMicro is an Adelaide/Singapore-based company that develops AI technologies for agriculture. The company is incubated at the New Venture Institute at Flinders University Tonsley.  

Contact: Sivam Krish,, +61 0401192100


ConnectOne is a Sydney-based AgTech company developing online trading platforms for farmer communities and groups.

Contact: Vijeesh Sathyanandan,, +61 0405822958