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Can technology democratise quality control in agriculture?

GoMicro’s  phone-based, low-cost grain quality control (QC) system allows anyone with a mobile phone and GoMicro’s Assess app to QC grain to standards achieved by the best flatbed grain assessment technology.  

Flatbed scanning machines, costing in excess of a thousand dollars, are capable of scanning only about 200 grains at a time. By contrast, GoMicro’s phone scanner, which will cost $3 when mass produced, can scan over a thousand grains accurately using its patent pending AI imaging technology.

“Being actively involved in the digitisation of the grain industry in India, I am impressed by the efficacy and accuracy of GoMicro AI assessment technology. I am excited by the magnitude of its potential to transform the Indian grain industry.” Amanpreet Singh, CEO of Grain Analyser based in Punjab.

Unlike competing technologies that require millions of images for training, GoMicro technology requires only a few hundred samples to create accurate and reliable assessment apps. A trial version of the device was recently launched, allowing warehouses and farmer producer organizations to now trial this technology for wheat, rice, pulses, oil seeds and spices such as cardamom. These trial units are fabricated in Australia using advanced manufacturing technologies of New Venture Institute of Flinders University. The company is in discussion with manufactures in India to bring its price point affordable for farmers. 

GoMicro plans to issue cloud certificates – a concept that parallels blockchain but without the additional cost involve in supporting the blockchain infrastructure. Each device has a unique QR code that is used by the user to activate the device using an organisational email address. 

Since the identity of the device, the user and organization is registered with GoMicro cloud services, it forms the basis of a trust chain connecting the various inspectors inspecting the produce throughout its value chain.  In other words, the identity of all assets, the time and location of assessment, along with the image and QC details will be stored as an unalterable, cloud-based digital certificate. Digital keys will be provided for the owner of the produce to authorise those in the purchase chain, to validate its quality.

Cloud Certification will bring a new form of reliable, unalterable and highly accurate data that could virtually eliminate the quality-related disputes. Accurate indisputable quality assessment will also reduce re-insurance risks. It will reduce food waste and help increase farmer incomes  in the long run by enabling them to auction their quality assured produce.

“We started off aiming to match human experts, but it looks like we have now exceeded them in our ability to assess complex analytical tasks such as the freshness of fish, the grading of tea and the assessment of grain variety. This is because AI never stops learning.” says Dr. Sivam Krish, CEO of GoMicro.

GoMicro is working with the CGIAR and the Alliance of Biodiversity International and CIAT to develop solutions to help subsistence farmers in Africa assess grain quality. The company won Bayer’s Grants4Ag competition and has an ongoing relationship exploring exciting possible using AI assessment in Agriculture.

GoMicro is working with Grain Analyser to bring this technology to India.


Sensibility Pty Ltd.(trading as GoMicro): An Adelaide based deep tech AI start-up company located at the New Venture Institute @ Flinders University Tonsley. Email:

Grain Analyser Ltd.: An Agtech company specialising in grain assessment based in Punjab, India. Email: