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YesHealth Group launches new website unveiling its proprietary vertical farming technology and global partnerships

Taiwan-based YesHealth Group is reaching new heights equipped with a website that showcases what it does best — providing complete technology solutions for indoor vertical farming.

According to YesHealth Group, the new website will act as a platform where it can share its mission of improving health and sustainability in vertical farming, while introducing the research and development of clean technology and successful implementations at partner vertical farms worldwide.

The level of detail that YesHealth Group unveils about its technology is unprecedented for the indoor vertical farming industry. Various proprietary technologies are introduced in six sections titled LED spectrum, hydroponics, bio-fertilizers, software, automation and technology transfer. The Yesbase edible gel substrate (in the hydroponics section) is a noteworthy addition to the company’s technology offerings.

Each YesHealth Group partner vertical farm has its own webpage, totaling five at present. The Nordic Harvest vertical farm in Copenhagen, Denmark, is presented as a flagship commercial partner, alongside social and environmental impact partner Percorsi di Cittadinanza in Rome, Italy. According to YesHealth Group, the number of partners will grow towards the latter part of this year.

Insights reveal some of the key regions where YesHealth Group is targeting with its global partnership model, including the Middle East, Northern Europe and Asia-Pacific. These insights have been penned by two of the leading figures in YesHealth Group’s international expansion, Stella Tsai (Group Facilitator) and Kevin Lin (Director of Business Development).

About YesHealth Group

YesHealth Group is a mission-driven company, pioneering clean technology for sustainable and pesticide-free vertical farming since 2008. The company was formally established in 2013 and its first commercial indoor vertical farm – YesHealth iFarm opened in 2017. For more information, visit the official YesHealth Group website.