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AgTech startup, Nile has traded a whopping 1m Kg of fruit and vegetables within 5 weeks of launch

Nile Marketplace, a B2B e-commerce platform that enables direct trades between producers and entities that sell to consumers, has taken the agricultural industry by storm as it reportedly traded a whopping one million kilograms of fruit and vegetables via its online platform within a mere five weeks of launching.

Founded in February 2020 by a dynamic and experienced trio, Louis de Kock, Eugene Roodt, and Rick Kleinhans, Nile makes it easy and safe to trade fresh produce with multiple producers across different regions. It aggregate supply across the Southern African Development Community region to offer buyers access to high quality fresh produce at transparent prices.

In an interview with Ventureburn, Louis de Kock, founder of Nile provides insight into the aims of the agritech startup.

“At Nile, we see a future where Africa’s producers can access the markets with the biggest need for their products. By integrating regional food systems, we aim to make nutritious food more accessible to consumers across the continent and beyond.”

See the Platform Benefits!

Benefits for buyers:

  1. Direct from producers: Nile connects buyers to Africa’s leading producers. They can view live inventory, discover prices and place orders instantly from multiple sellers – all from a single, easy-to-use platform.
  2. Secure transactions: Nile create trust between buyers and sellers by safeguarding funds in an independent trust account. Funds are only disbursed to sellers when products are received in good condition.
  3. Quality verified: Nile’s producers are vetted for adherence to the highest quality bar.

Benefits for sellers:

  1. Transparent pricing: Prices on Nile are always linked to the latest available market prices.
  2. Improved cash flow: Payments are processed within 12 – 24 hours.
  3. Regulated market: The Nile marketplace is developed in close collaboration with regulators. Its’ processes are consistent with international best practises.

The company see a future where Africa’s producers can access the markets with the biggest need for their products.