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Sente Foundry and GrowRay announce participants in AgTech investment program

Sente Foundry LLC (“Sente”), in partnership with GrowRay Lighting Technologies, announces the startups selected to participate in their Indoor AgTech program taking place virtually through December 2020.

The eight selected startups are:

  • AgEye Technologies – with offices in the US and India, AgEye Technologies develops technology that helps indoor farms become sustainable and scalable through significant reductions in operational costs. 
  • CO2 GRO Inc. – uses their patented advanced CO2 Delivery Solutions to accelerate the growth of all value plants safely, economically, and naturally. CO2 GRO Inc. is based in Canada.
  • FloEnvy – U.S. – maker of cannabis cultivation software that captures each decision on the ground in real-time so that growers can manage their cultivation from one place at all times.
  • Grownetics – founded to solve the world’s agricultural inefficiencies, Grownetics’ grow optimization platform leverages the latest sensing and automation tools to make growing the best plants easier than ever.
  • PhenoLogic – automates a complex part of plant & crop production, saving money and time while increasing production yields. PhenoLogic is based in Michigan.
  • iShence AgTech – an Israeli Agtech company aiming to provide growers with affordable and effective solutions combining agronomic knowledge with cutting edge technology.
  • R.O.A.B. – Part of Harvard Innovation Labs, R.O.A.B Technologies is building a series of autonomous agriculture devices starting with a solar-powered roving mini laboratory built to provide farmers with analyses that can increase their productive efficiency by more than 50% while at the same time mitigating the ecological damage that farming can create.
  • Universal Grow Controls – Denver-based company that helps growers manage their environmental controls, including CO2 enrichment, irrigation, and fertigation from anywhere in the world.

Sente’s Indoor AgTech program features an intense set of activities to analyze and evaluate participating startups, connect them with projects with indoor and greenhouse customers, and introduce them to an ecosystem of indoor AgTech investors and service providers. Startups work with the Sente and GrowRay team using a structured process that better prepares them to attract serious investors and customers and places them in a fast-moving, talented ecosystem of indoor agriculture entrepreneurs. 

At the end of the program, at least three startups will be selected to pilot their technologies in a state-of-the-art growing facility and possibly receive additional investment. 

Contact: Jen Peterson

About Sente Foundry, LLC

Sente Foundry, LLC (“Sente”) is a Chicago-based startup investment, scouting, and innovation platform. Sente searches the world for the most high-potential startups and helps them scale through partnerships with international corporations and investors. With Sente, startups can scale faster and do so internationally; investors get line-of-sight, and a new way to invest in the world’s most promising startups, and corporations accelerate innovation like never before. Since its founding in 2013, Sente has supported early-stage companies that operate in over 40 countries, received over $35M in funding, and have generated revenues exceeding $80M. Find Sente online at

About GrowRay

GrowRay’s PhD-driven team of horticulture scientists and engineers design and manufacture state-of-the-art patented LED lighting for the greenhouse and indoor agricultural industry. GRT’s LED lighting products have a documented track record of significantly increasing the production output of high-DLI crops by 10-25% and dramatically reducing the energy cost by up to 45%. This product has applications in cannabis and other agricultural operations with exponential growth potential. GRT is developing other innovative ancillary products to promote and develop new technologies/products for the industry through its joint venture with Sente Foundry in Chicago. Find GrowRay in person in Boulder, Colorado, and online at