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Aponix vertical barrel: “a solution to set up 3-dimensional cultivation space”

The aponix vertical barrel system is an alternative vertical NFT solution from Germany to enable local or hyperlocal edible plant production in 3D. Aponix provides robust horticulture building blocks instead of rack systems that make it possible to set up grow spaces efficiently within a 3-dimensional cultivation space and at the same time be able to use natural sunlight better.

The aim is to enable edible plant production in smaller farming plots or community spaces and allow for more decentralised urban micro farming.

Aponix’ mission is to facilitate the setup of high density grow spaces for soil-less cultivation by taking the existing 2D NFT concept to the 3rd dimension in a very flexible, simple and also robust way. It is especially designed for urban farming facilities operating on limited space.

The aponix vertical barrels are suitable to grow herbs and lettuces in vertical gardening/farming situations. Plants get their nutrients from vertical drip irrigation generated by one inverted sprinkler or our water buffer top inside each vertical cylinder (‘barrel’), converting it into a giant vertical 3D-NFT! There is also a soil-based version and other options for indoor farming.

The whole concept is based on lego-like ring segment pieces that serve either as spacers or provide differently organized inserts for standard 2-inch netpots. Assembling multiple of these ring segment pieces will result in stackable ring segments or barrel levels to assemble one or multiple such vertical cylinders or ‘barrels’. With more ring segments stacked, the height and the number of grow spaces are increased.

As of 2020, aponix changed their market strategy from looking for distributors to working more extensively with product partners who bring in own engineering and create more specific and distinguishable products from their barrel components.

Product partners are required to create their own unique solutions, based on aponix pieces adding other external even competitive pieces and/or service and market them independently under their own brand and own product name. As result of this co-operative type of relation some new interesting components have been designed, that in turn can be used by other existing product partners too.

For more information on the aponix vertical barrel please visit or contact Mr. Marco Tidona at