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Japanese Water Enhancement Technology (WET) Launches in Australia

Liquid Technologies International (LTI), Japan has appointed activ8water as its sole representative in Australia and New Zealand to promote its ceramic bead water activation technology. The agreement is the first venture in the Asia Pacific region and accesses a lucrative market in agriculture and livestock. Liquid Technology International is focusing its attention on international expansion through the appointment of licensees and distributors around the world and is pleased to be working with activ8water.

In a world where water quality and scarcity are an increasing problem, activ8water is promoting water technology that assists producers to use less water by installing activ8WET products.

Australia is the driest continent on earth and there are increasing challenges presented through climate change and population pressures. It is imperative that we use our water resources more wisely and that our water quality is sufficient to support high quality produce for the agricultural sector.

About LTI

Liquid Technologies International (LTI) is a successful water-based technology business based in the Ginza district in Tokyo, Japan. For over 15 years they have been providing commercial and industrial water solutions for some of Japans leading corporations. The technology is scientifically proven and as such is used widely across many different industries. The technology has also been used successfully in the USA with numerous installations across commercial, industrial, agricultural and livestock applications.

The technology is simple, using unique Japanese quartz like ceramic beads in a specially designed activation unit. The units require no electricity or ongoing maintenance and the flow of water from existing pumps is enough to charge the water molecules, activating the water to provide significant benefits across multiple industry sectors.

About activ8water

Activ8water is an Australian owned and operated company based in Melbourne, Victoria. The Director David Shepherd was educated in Tokyo, studying at Sophia University, before working with Marubeni Corporation and Nissho Iwai trading companies for many years. For the last 20 years he has owned numerous businesses and works as a consultant focusing on digital transformation of businesses using design thinking frameworks to transform the way businesses operate.

As the Director of activ8water, David is committed to providing better quality water for all Australian and New Zealanders’ through the promotion of the LTI ceramic bead technology branded as activ8WET.

Activ8water produces the units that house the ceramic beads in Australia with the view to export these units to new markets globally. It has created its own brand for the Australian and NZ market known as activ8WET. The brand will effectively connect with new markets and deliver a consistent result promoting the environmentally friendly technology.

Activ8water is seeking resellers in the Australian and NZ markets whilst looking further afield to source opportunities across the global market. For more information on the activ8WET product range or to discuss the business opportunity further please contain David Shepherd on +61427739505 or email